Virgo Visual Artistry

Airbrush Art and Body Painting by Sammy Rae

Body Painting


Expression and freedom with art are combined for this Media piece used to promote an upcoming special event.
With less than a days notice from the City TV Crew, our star model Lisa and Sam put together a live demonstration on the art of body painting. Not only did they pull off a beautiful look, but they gained the attention of another network and dazzeled the host of the feature as well.

The Modern mind of society has accepted body art not only as a trend, but an art form held in highest respects. The importance is to deliver thoughtful quality product from inspired avenues. Sammy believes that her standards are set as she looks forward to completing each creation! 

From face painting and airbrushing tattoos, to designing logos for advertising or producing personal photo shoots, Samantha Rae's consideration is apparent for the needs of each client.
Sammy's aim is always to please and her greatest reward is a happy customer!!
To Book Sammy for Bodypainting
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This Sleek jaguar was created, along with five other models, for a Marc A Bavaria promotion. The event was held at the Ocean Beach Hotel in Whiterock, BC,  in October 2004.





A special request of “Dragon Wings” came from this customer. Sammy knew that a little extra time spent on this piece would be worth the picture. This was completed in under 30 minutes at an exclusive party in Chilliwack, BC in March 2006.




Truthfully 95% of Sammy's willing participants are female, so when men show an interest she does her best to maintain strength and masculinity in the art work. Completed in under 20 minutes for a guest of Skin Party Vancouver in February 2005.




These custom Wings were created for an Ace Angels International model during a promotional booking at the Taboo Trade Show. The dramatic sculpt of the feathers made for an eye catching result. Vancouver, BC January 2006.






This grouping was themed by the General Manager of Sky Bar for a Second Anniversary “White” Ball. The classy and elegant design set the tone for the evening. Vancouver, BC September 2005.





The “Eight Pack Eliminator” shows up as an effective illusion on this happy customer. Even if you have a beer challenged tummy you can look like this. Completed in under 20 minutes at another private event in Vancouver, BC February 2005.