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Airbrush Art and Body Painting by Sammy Rae

About Samantha Rae


Samantha Rae is a Multi Award Winning Body Painter & Airbrush Artist who is an energetic team player with over 11 years experience as a gallery representative and studio artist.
As a hard working highly motivated individual she hopes to experience many expressions of visual delights with the public. 
Her reputable artistic abilities have proven to excel in makeup, airbrushing, drawing and sculpting mediums.










Qualification Summary:     


  • Permittee status with ACFC West Local 2020
  • Completion of Film Orientation Course and Set Etiquette
  • W.H.M.I.S. Certificate
  • Personal Profile featured on Island North Film Commission Website ( )
  • Character Chart Development
  • Script Breakdown and Continuity
  • Corrective Film Makeup
  • Makeup for Television
  • Newscaster, Glamour, Day and Evening looks
  • Out of Kit Effects including Cuts and Bruises, Structural and Textured Aging, Wax Wounds and Prosthetics
  • Gelatine and Foam Latex Prosthetic Design and Creation
  • Airbrush  Application and Technique Instructor

 Film and Television Credits



“You Will”                                Layla Zoe Productions             Dept. Head          

March 3,4,5 2006                     Makeup and Hair                    Makeup and Hair

Director: Richard Olak               


“Live Bodypainting”                   City TV                                  Dept. Head

City Scene Feature                    June  20, 2005                       Airbrush Bodypainting

Director/Host: Jay Brown


“Live Bodypainting”                   M Channel                             Dept. Head

Editorial Insert                          June 20, 2005                       Airbrush Bodypainting


“Bocephus King”                       Tonic Records – NJAMS             First Asst – Art Dept.

Music Video                             May 17, 2005                          “Airbrush Specialist”

Producer/PM: Victoria Frodsham                                


“Shaftebury”                             Azure Moon Films                   Dept. Head Makeup/

Commercial Contest                  April 23, 2005                        Airbrush Bodypainting

Producer/PM: Ron Devitt


“Big Rock Beer”                        Azure Moon Films                    Dept. Head Makeup/

Commercial Contest                 March 12, 2005                       Airbrush Tattooing

Producer/PM: Ron Devitt


“Myth”                                     Hourglass Film Production        Dept. Head

Independent Feature                March 19 - April 2, 2005           Makeup FX

Producer/Director: Neil Jackson


“Live Bodypainting”                   Talk-show.TV                          Department Head

Internet Broadcast                    February 16, 2005                   Airbrush Bodypainting

PM: Victoria Clements


“Life-Casting”                           Hourglass Film Production        Department Head

Demonstration Video                 November 11, 2004                 Makeup FX

Producer: Neil Jackson


“Farmers’ Daughter”                  Solstice/Farm Girl Productions   Department Head

Television Pilot                         June 18-22, 2004                    Makeup and Hair

Exec. Producers: Richard Davis,  Michael and Mona Lee Johannson


“Celebrity Soup”                       RPM  Productions                      Department Head

Television Pilot                         April 3 & 4, 2004                       Makeup and Hair

Producer: Prem Miramuthu


“Quest”                                   Song Bird Productions                First Assistant Makeup

Artistic Documentary                  May 23, 2004


“Premonition”                           Avrio Film Productions               First Assistant Makeup

Feature Film                             February 1-18, 2004

Exec producer: Michael Derbis


“Place of Healing,                    Blooberry Film Productions         Department Head

Promotional Video                     June 21-29, 2003                     Makeup and Hair

Director: Kristof Sapinsky


"Fairie Queen"                          Faerie Queen Productions          Assistant Makeup Artist

Film Adaptation                         February 14, 2003

Work History

SFX Studio Incorporated            Joel Echallier                             Custom Airbrush & SPFX



Element Exteriors                      Lindsay Taylor                          Exterior Painter

Contracting                               June 2005 to Present


Braemar Pottery                       Kevin Wright                             Gallery Rep. and

Studio/Gallery                          1996 to Present                         Studio Artist


Freelance Body Painter              Ace Angels International             Custom Design Work

Bookings Agent                        Victoria Clements


Special Events


Ace Angels International            Michael Nault                            Custom Design

Promotions Team                     Jan 2006 to 2008                      Promotion


Skin Party Vancouver                 Gar Johnson                             Resident BodyPainter

Monthly Event                           February 2005 to Present


Posh Entertainment Inc.             Victoria Clements                      Personalized Artistic

Events & Marketing                    February 2005 to Present           Booking Agent


Play Mate Promotions & Events   Michael Nault                            Live Bodypainting Demo's

Taboo Trade Show Exhibition      Jan 13-16, 2005                       


Body Gras Nanaimo/Victoria        Jeff King                                  CDN Bodypainting Competition          

Artist/Production Assistant          September 2002 to Present


“Heineken Girl”                         The Wild Coyote Night Club        Resident Bodypainter

Promotional Night                     December 2002 - February 2004                   



Achievements and Awards


  • 1st Place Award for Body Painting

Body Gras Nanaimo 2003

November 2003


  • 3rd Place Award for Body Painting

Vancouver Fashion Week

October 2003


  • 2nd Place Award for Body Painting

Body Gras Nanaimo 2002 (Final)

November 2002


  • 2nd Place Award for Body Painting Body Gras Nanaimo 2002             

       (1st Preliminary)  September 2002


  • Junior and Senior Art Awards

Kwalikum Secondary School







  • Makeup Artistry Diploma

Blanche Macdonald Centre for Applied Design

Vancouver, BC

June 2003


  • Life Cast/Foam Latex Workshop

Healy FX Studios

Burnaby, BC

march 2003/2004


  • Grade 12 Diploma

Kwalikum Secondary School

Qualicum Beach, BC

Graduated 1999




Virgo Visual Artistry Airbrush Art & Body Painting

Personal Freelance Body Painter for Promotions and Events

January 2003 to Present


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*All References and Photos are Available Upon Request*