Virgo Visual Artistry

Airbrush Art and Body Painting by Sammy Rae



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How long will the paint last?

Generally a few hours (4 to 6) dependent upon the skin type & activities


What about sensitive skin?

Sammy uses professional make-up products designed specifically for the skin. They are all meant for body painting purposes. To date she haven't had a problem yet!


Can I go somewhere and get this done?

Yes we have a studio we collaborate with. Personal bookings are accepted & services may be performed on location. (in home or at venues) at the convenience of the artist and the client.


Does the paint wash off easily?

Yes, soap and water removes the product that Sammy prefers to use. Since it is water based, the paint will generally wash off clothing!


What does it feel like when you are getting painted?

It is quite cold and refreshing. A little like hairspray on the skin only without the sticky residue.


What does it feel like on your skin?

Along with the visual illusion, the evenly distributed paint can feel like the presence of nylon on the skin.


Do you feel naked walking around?

Funny enough almost everyone that has not tried it asks this question. Once they are painted though it is amazing what the mind does. Because you see yourself in clothing (i.e. painted on) you think you're actually clothed although your skin temperature tells you differently. Also we have seen people walk right by people that are painted and not even blink an eye or even realize they are naked. It's really quite an illusion. The natural camoflage of design and color presents itself in such a way that your eyes believe you are covered.